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  • “Managing Stress: How to Work Through The Holiday.”

    November, December, and January are some of the most stressful months of the year for some people. These months have been a significant part of many families and communities and celebrations as well, but now more and more people often have stress related symptoms associated with them. During a time like this, Identity Behavioral Health Services, LLC would like to promote a different approach and perception of the effects of “Holiday Stress Onset”. Holiday Stress Onset can help with assessing mental stability from a supportive approach; because of all the pleasant/unpleasant interactions with family, coworkers, friends, and others. The support and reflections provided by Identity Behavioral Health Services, LLC can be helpful with understanding the impact of mental illness and improving awareness by promoting more individuals to look at their mental wellness in the same quality as their physical well-being.


    Common Symptoms of Holiday Stress Onset


    The following are some of the most common symptoms of Holiday Stress Onset (HSO). Usually when a person experiences HSO, they rarely ever recognize these changes, it typically a family member or friend and the symptoms have been going on for a while. Most of the Holiday Stress Onset symptoms last for a week or more and some can be shorter or longer, with a recurring “cycle” of symptoms described here even after the holidays:


    Persistent sadness or anxiety

    Feeling miserable/helpless


    Loss of interest in holiday 

    Little energy or fatigue

    Becoming more and more isolated from others

    Difficulty concentrating, remembering, or making decisions

    Difficulty sleeping

    Loss of appetite

    Thoughts of death or suicide









    What Identity BHS, LLC is Doing


    It’s common for people to not experience any kind of relief from their symptoms during the end of the year holiday seasons. Being that it’s one of the primary causes, having some type of awareness of triggers, symptoms, and support can be helpful for a better outcome. This is one reason to start being more aware of your responses as it provides people with time to get support before the holidays season start rolling in. Allow yourself to do something you know would helpful, by allowing a professional to work for you.


    During October through December, Identity Behavioral Health Services, LLC will reduce or completely waive the fees for mental health consultations. This makes it far easier for those individuals who believe they may be suffering from one of the above, to get the support and diagnosis that could help them in understanding what they are experiencing without feeling judged.


    What Can You Do?


    If you or someone you love is experiencing recurring symptoms, it is very helpful to talk to a professional to consult about what you’re experiencing. After your initial consultation, a qualified provider will discuss a supportive approach with you that may include supportive reflections, narrative therapy, lifestyle changes, or a combination of additional approaches.


    If you or you know someone who struggles with the holiday season, it’s a helpful approach to explore your concerns with a provider that you feel comfortable with. As most people who have successful outcomes, there is a strong correlation associated with the matches and rapport of both client and therapist. As many people have different experiences with changing the narrative to their story, all stories have a common denominator.


    If you would like to get started with improving the outcome for yourself or for someone you love, contact a trained specialist to assist you with your mental health concerns. I would be more than welcome to see how I might be able to support you with my help. Please contact me



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