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    Kevin L. Barnett, LCSW


    Asking for help is often difficult to accept. Here at Identity Behavioral Health Services, LLC, when you have struggled time after time and day after day with dealing with the same thing, contacting me is somewhat like me asking you, “How can I help you?”. Literally, sometimes you find yourself spinning your wheels with sleepless nights, difficulties with focusing and concentrating, and wondering about the different possibilities and outcomes. Instead of waiting for help to come to you, contact me now, so we can start working together to identify the difficulties that you are having and start improving the way you respond to them.

    Professional rapport between the client and therapist is to promote the client towards improving. The shift in modifying thoughts is often helpful, as most people fear stigmas associated with mental wellness. My clients receive education about client-therapist privileges, rights to confidentiality and what “privacy” means, while gaining insight to improve.

    For improvements to take place, a person must first be motivated. With the right support from Identity Behavioral Health services, LLC, I can help you with certain areas of your life that need improving, with supportive techniques. To find out more information about how my therapeutic approaches can help you, please visit my website, call, or email me.

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