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  • Does the Gender of Your Therapist Matter?

    Finding a therapist that you feel totally safe and comfortable with is very important for your healing journey. Because of this, some people wonder whether it’s important for your therapist to be a certain gender.

    Some have theorized over the years that the gender of a therapist should not matter. After all if they have both been trained and licensed and have a solid track record of helping clients, why should it matter?

    While this attitude may make sense with other professionals, such as a dentist or veterinarian, gender can have a much more profound impact when it comes to seeking mental health counseling.

    Beliefs and Comfort Levels Affect Treatment

    Wishing your dentist was a woman instead of a man will not effective the outcome of your root canal. But feeling safer with a female therapist will affect your outcomes. Or believing that only another man can truly understand what you are going through will certainly impact the effectiveness of your treatment.

    A woman who is dealing with the trauma of a rape may certainly not feel safe enough in the presence of a male therapist. Conversely, a woman who has been traumatized by a narcissistic mother may only feel safe with a male therapist.

    Parents bringing their child in for therapy may specifically seek either a female or male therapist, depending on the specific scenario or issue. A young boy without any positive male role models may need the guidance provided by a male therapist. A female child who is scarred by an abusive alcoholic father may need the safety and comfort of a female therapist.

    You Have Every Right

    You should never be made to feel guilty because you have a preference for a therapist who is of a certain gender. Your comfort should be your number one priority.

    If you would like to explore treatment options, and feel I may be a good fit for your needs, please reach out to me.


    Does The Gender Of Your Therapist Matter?

    Therapist Gender Does it Matter?